The Impact the Malala Foundation has on the World

Posted by Lindsey Ravasani-asl

Feb 8

Most individuals are aware of the shooting in 2012 of Malala Yousafzai that sparked national attention. Malala spoke up for the rights of education for young girls that were banned due to conflict with the Taliban in her country. However, most people probably are not aware of the progress she and the Malala Foundation have made globally to ensure young kids can attend school. I must admit I was one of those individuals; it wasn’t until recently that I attended a conference and listened to the Malala Foundation presentation that I was inspired to write a blog about it. The presentation was one of the most humbling and life changing speeches I have ever witnessed. The Foundation has recently released some amazing projects to draw awareness to the lack of education available to youth globally. Below I will be discussing some of the avenues they have taken to raise awareness, the mission/ vision, and the impact on various regions they have had.

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Free Educational Resources for the Post-Graduate

Posted by Zsa-Zsa Booker

Oct 31

When I left undergraduate school, I felt like I was done with school and education for a little while. I couldn't imagine cramming my brain with any more knowledge. 

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Michigan Women's Leadership Index

Posted by Toni Somers

Jun 29

Are women gaining ground at the top tier of Michigan businesses?  Results of a longitudinal study of women directors and officers in the state’s 100 largest market capitalization firms conducted by Wayne State University School of Business Administration faculty members Toni Somers and Sheri Perelli will be announced by GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson September 25, 2013.

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5 Things Elementary School Taught Me about Graduate School

Posted by Camille Chidsey

May 5

1. Share.

Share your resources, share your knowledge, share your experience. While most people associate elementary school with sharing toys and crayons, this lesson extends far past kindergarten. Students pursuing information science related careers come from a range of backgrounds and the mix of personal and professional experience among students can be very powerful. As a teaching and service focused profession, good customer service is essential. Understanding different communities, cultures, and perspectives adds both to the integrity of the profession and helps maintain educated, self-aware librarians.

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