6 Ways to Pursue your Inbound Marketing Dream Job! 

Posted by Juanita Bass

Sep 17

Editor's note: Juanita Bass is a MBA student at Wayne State's School of Business in Detroit, MI and has taken ISM 7505: Inbound Information Technology. 

The words résumé, interviews, networking, and cover letter had me nervous, discombobulated and walking around with sweaty palms.  These are the feelings I had as a graduate student embarking upon a career change.  I thought the whole, “finding a new job” thing was frustrating and nearly impossible to achieve.  However, I have discovered six simple steps to pursue an Inbound Marketing Dream Job!!  You need to Network-Network-Network, Have Face-to-Face Informational Interviews, Send Thank You Emails, Be willing to Volunteer or Intern, Attend Inbound Conferences, and Sharpen Your Skills. 

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Job Culling Resulting from the Era of Innovation

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

May 16

In the blog post, “The Not So Distant Future,” technologies we will be seeing in the next couple of decades were discussed.  However, it is also important to note that because of this perceived technological boom, the “era of innovation,” as Peter Diamandis dubbed it, will likely result in a job culling un-seen like at any other time in our history.  The recent recession of 2008 will seem like pebbles to the boulder that has started its long decent.

“Oxford University researchers predicted that 47% of U.S. jobs are 'at risk' for being automated in the next 20 years – especially in the areas of transportation, logistics, and office and administrative support work.”  

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Alumni Profile - Brooke Cowell

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Apr 10

Alumni Profile

An Interview with ... Brooke Cowell, Marketing Manager at Ducker Worldwide

Tell us about your first real job out of college. What was the position? How did you get your start?

I started my career right out of college as Business Development and Marketing Manager at Chief Financial Credit Union.  During my senior year at Adrian College I became very frustrated as all of my friends were finding jobs with well-known companies and I was struggling to find the right fit, ultimately I found my position through networking.  This was my first experience in realizing how important networking and building relationships truly was. 

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The Value of Becoming Inbound Certified

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Jan 13

Inbound Certification

I was very excited to become Inbound Certified through Hubspot’s Inbound Certification Program.  I really wanted to pass the exam the first time I took the exam.  I was pretty stoked that I passed the exam my first time with a 94%!  (The average score is a 72% with a pass rate of 44%. Over 3,100 individuals from 74 different countries have passed the certification exam.) 

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How Important Is Your Social Presence: An Interview With Emily Kravetz

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Dec 16

Welcome back readers!

In the previous blog post, I conducted an interview with Eric Payne, Wayne State Alum and social media consultant.  As a quick recap, we discussed how Social Media is affecting not only the business environment, but also the life of college students seeking jobs.  Today, we take a step back to talk about the same issues but from the recruiters’ standpoint.  Emily Kravetz, Director of the School of Business Administration Career Planning and Placement Office at Wayne State University, has given us the opportunity to acquire some insight into what companies are looking for today and how college students should respond to the changes in the business environment.

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