Top Five reason you should be optimized for mobile devices

Posted by Zachary Seman

Apr 17


Let’s be honest here for a moment.  If you are not optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and phones you are losing prospects, leads, and customers. Hubspot reports that 40% of people will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.  Forty percent! ( That is almost half of your prospects, leads, and customers leaving in 3 seconds.  To translate this into simple dollars that means that for a slow loading website on a mobile device a company loses about 40% in potential revenue for slow loading.  So, if you still don’t think mobile optimization is important I will further describe to you the benefits of mobile optimizing your website.

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4 Free tools to help manage your online reputation

Posted by Zachary Seman

Mar 9


Ever wonder why you are getting no page views???  Why no matter how well you initially designed your website you still never get new customers or prospects to even see it???  If this is the case for you than look no further you are in the right place!

Not all companies have the same struggles or hurdles to overcome.  This is especially true in the online world.  Newer companies are coming up with new ways to market and reach out to customers.  This can leave older and newer companies at a disadvantage if they are not willing to adapt to new standards.  This blog post will break down free easy to use tools that will help you manage your online reputation.

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