Is DNA the Next Step for Information Storage?

Posted by Camille Chidsey

May 28

Our Digital Future

Is DNA the next medium for information storage? Scientists Nick Goldman and Ewan Birney seem to think it is. Researchers at the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), Goldman and Birney explain the details of their discovery in the current issue of Nature.

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5 Things Elementary School Taught Me about Graduate School

Posted by Camille Chidsey

May 5

1. Share.

Share your resources, share your knowledge, share your experience. While most people associate elementary school with sharing toys and crayons, this lesson extends far past kindergarten. Students pursuing information science related careers come from a range of backgrounds and the mix of personal and professional experience among students can be very powerful. As a teaching and service focused profession, good customer service is essential. Understanding different communities, cultures, and perspectives adds both to the integrity of the profession and helps maintain educated, self-aware librarians.

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Topic Categories: Educational Resources, Graduate School

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