Twitter Analysis: Using Social Network Analysis

Posted by Audrey Austin

Sep 26

Twitter Analysis

While I have a Twitter account (@sereue), I rarely ever tweet.  I use it primarily to follow celebrities, favorite organizations, and local news.  Knowing this, I wasn’t certain how interesting my Twitter network would be, or how connected my ‘friends’ were.  

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Facebook Analysis: Using Social Network Analysis

Posted by Audrey Austin

May 30

In December 2005, I joined Facebook.  At the time, it was still limited to college students.  Your status updates were only visible on your wall, and your friends had to come to your wall in order to post messages.  There were silly groups to join, and poking people and throwing sheep were popular interactions.  This was long before games, apps, pages, and marketing on Facebook.  In the time since, I have been very vigilant about only adding friends that I actually know.   Therefore, it is likely that many of my Facebook friends also know each other in real life, leading to a dense network.

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Gender Equality and Information Literacy

Posted by Audrey Austin

May 28

Introduction: Confessions of a Nerd Child 

When I was young, my family had an ancient set of Funk & Wagnalls new world encyclopedias.  My favorite entries were those about different countries.  I loved reading about their histories and cultures, even if the information was outdated.  At the beginning of each article was a list of demographics for the country.  Checking the variations between countries was one of my many list-based hobbies growing up.  I especially liked seeing the similarities and differences between countries that were near to each other, or were similar in size. Population density was a favorite demographic; for some reason I thought it was very interesting how two countries could be roughly the same size, yet have differing amounts of people packed into their borders.  Using the Gapminder World program available at  is like taking those juvenile comparisons and multiplying them out exponentially.  With this tool, you have the ability to compare the trends in demographics of many countries over many years, in a two-dimensional space.  It is awesome!

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