Twitter Analysis: Using Social Network Analysis

Posted by Audrey Austin

Sep 26

Twitter Analysis

While I have a Twitter account (@sereue), I rarely ever tweet.  I use it primarily to follow celebrities, favorite organizations, and local news.  Knowing this, I wasn’t certain how interesting my Twitter network would be, or how connected my ‘friends’ were.  

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Learning NodeXL: Friendship & Party Invitation Sociogram

Posted by Ann Schultz

Apr 27

Analysis of Findings

Social network analysis is the application of the broader field of network science to the study of human relationships and connections (Hansen, Shneiderman, & Smith, 2011, p. 4).”  Networks are “collection[s] of things and their relationships to one another.  The 'things' that are connected are called nodes, vertices, entities, and in some contexts, people - refer to Figure 1.  The connections between the vertices are called edges, ties, and links - refer to Figure 2 (Hansen, Shneiderman, & Smith, 2011, p. 31).”  Social networks are formed “whenever people interact, directly or indirectly, with other people, institutions, and artifacts (Hansen, Shneiderman, & Smith, 2011, p. 31-32).” 

NodeXL Vertices
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