6 Quick Tips for Conquering SEO

Posted by Madeline Robson

Nov 28

How to Beat Google at Their Own Game: 6 Quick Tips for Conquering SEO

The Google algorithm is constantly changing.  This makes it very difficult for marketers to consistently appear on the search engine results page.  Most recently, we’ve watched advertising become much subtler in search engine results pages (SERPs), with paid Google advertisements appearing as almost identical to organic search results.  Additionally, Google SERPs have migrated away from the traditional “ten blue links” format in favor of a much busier interface.  Google is making these changes in an effort to confuse the consumer.  It has been shown that when a change to the search engine results page is made, click-through rates drastically increase for a short period of time until the consumer becomes more familiar with the updated design.  Because of this fact, we can expect Google to continue to change their SERP layout in the future.  

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The Three R’s of a Data Breach.

Posted by Donnell Johnson

Nov 22

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Data breaches are an unauthorized access to personally identifiable information that is held or transmitted by companies. These unauthorized “attacks” can negatively impact companies in three ways.  Reputation damage, regulatory fines, and ultimately released workers.  To avoid the three R’s of a data breach, the organization must focus resources on a security strategy to protect their customer’s information.  This is a very tricky situation when there is also an inbound marketing strategy that involves search engine optimization and attracting potential customers.  

An inbound marketing strategy is a customer centric methodology that begins with attracting strangers and converting them to delighted customers that will promote the organization.  The buyer’s journey involves using stage-driven content to attract and convert visitors into customers.  Part of the conversion process involves the use of forms that collect data.  With the heightened awareness about sharing information online, this could present a challenge when trying to obtain lead information.

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