Facebook Analysis: Using Social Network Analysis

Posted by Audrey Austin

May 30

In December 2005, I joined Facebook.  At the time, it was still limited to college students.  Your status updates were only visible on your wall, and your friends had to come to your wall in order to post messages.  There were silly groups to join, and poking people and throwing sheep were popular interactions.  This was long before games, apps, pages, and marketing on Facebook.  In the time since, I have been very vigilant about only adding friends that I actually know.   Therefore, it is likely that many of my Facebook friends also know each other in real life, leading to a dense network.

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Is DNA the Next Step for Information Storage?

Posted by Camille Chidsey

May 28

Our Digital Future

Is DNA the next medium for information storage? Scientists Nick Goldman and Ewan Birney seem to think it is. Researchers at the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), Goldman and Birney explain the details of their discovery in the current issue of Nature.

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Gender Equality and Information Literacy

Posted by Audrey Austin

May 28

Introduction: Confessions of a Nerd Child 

When I was young, my family had an ancient set of Funk & Wagnalls new world encyclopedias.  My favorite entries were those about different countries.  I loved reading about their histories and cultures, even if the information was outdated.  At the beginning of each article was a list of demographics for the country.  Checking the variations between countries was one of my many list-based hobbies growing up.  I especially liked seeing the similarities and differences between countries that were near to each other, or were similar in size. Population density was a favorite demographic; for some reason I thought it was very interesting how two countries could be roughly the same size, yet have differing amounts of people packed into their borders.  Using the Gapminder World program available at www.gapminder.org  is like taking those juvenile comparisons and multiplying them out exponentially.  With this tool, you have the ability to compare the trends in demographics of many countries over many years, in a two-dimensional space.  It is awesome!

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Global Supply Chain Management: Business Seminars

Posted by Timothy Butler

May 24

The Wayne State University School of Business Administration's Global Supply Chain Management program is leading a group of 13 students to the Czech Republic and Poland this June. 

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Business and Sustainability: Integrating Social Values

Posted by Andrea Tangari

May 23

According to Emma Boyd, "business schools are responding to a surge in demand for education that equips students to become social entrepreneurs."  In this video, David A. Thomas, Dean of the McDonough School of Business, discusses his views on regulation, public policy, environmental issues and its impact on MBA students.  Dean Thomas indicates that the focus in this area is coming from enlightened business leaders.  MBA students learn how to work with regulators and integrate creating social value into business organizations. 

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Understanding the CFO Gender-Based Compensation Gap

Posted by Sudip Datta

May 22

Gender-based Compensation Gap

In the May 2013 issue of the “Harvard Business Review,” School of Business Administration researchers Sudip Datta, Abhijit Guha, and Mai Iskandar-Datta published their insights on the gender-based compensation gap of Chief Financial Officers (CFO).

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Welcome to “BizBlog” a new communication channel

Posted by Toni Somers

May 21

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How To Find Free Music Online

Posted by April Schwarzkopf

May 20

Listen to Music for Free Online

Are you looking for new music? If you have internet access - the world is your oyster.  Digital music is all over the place right now, which can be both good and bad.  It’s great to have so many avenues to discover great music, but it also makes it difficult for fans and artists alike. Friends are always asking me – How do you find good music?  Like many others, I waste a lot of time on the internet trying to find musical inspiration. After all, exploring the endless possibilities the digital revolution has provided us all can be very time consuming. However, that’s part of the fun – you can get lost in an endless musical sea. So, whether you're streaming downloading or simply exploring - you're sure to find something of interest, but where do you start?

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5 Tips to Help Perfect Your Textbook Reading Skills

Posted by Zsa-Zsa Booker

May 16

Textbook reading in college is a skill that college students rarely perfect. Not having these skills could mean that you spend more time reading and rereading than necessary, and valuable time is, in turn, wasted. The next time you pick up your textbook consider the following tips which can help you comprehend your reading materials in a more efficient manner.

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Data Analytics: Understanding the Volume of Available Information

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

May 13

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How To Blog Better: Top 5 Blogging Tips

Posted by April Schwarzkopf

May 6

Wordle Blogging 1

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5 Things Elementary School Taught Me about Graduate School

Posted by Camille Chidsey

May 5

1. Share.

Share your resources, share your knowledge, share your experience. While most people associate elementary school with sharing toys and crayons, this lesson extends far past kindergarten. Students pursuing information science related careers come from a range of backgrounds and the mix of personal and professional experience among students can be very powerful. As a teaching and service focused profession, good customer service is essential. Understanding different communities, cultures, and perspectives adds both to the integrity of the profession and helps maintain educated, self-aware librarians.

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