RSS features from a user's perspective

Posted by Bradley Dyke

May 22

Editor's note: Bradley Dyke is an M.B.A. student at Wayne State University's School of  Business in Detroit.

Like so many users out there, I rely heavily on RSS feeds for my news. However, since July 2013 – the date Google Reader went dark –it become an arduous task going from site to site to view news. On my way to finding a single site RSS successor, I learned a great deal about what works and doesn't in newsfeed delivery. News, blogs, everything that once seemed at a user’s fingertips seemed a bit further away than the day before. Google had set the standard for what readers wanted, providing:

  • Easy search for RSS feeds
  • An easy to read layout
  • Ability to save articles
  • Organization
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Ability to share articles
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