RSS features from a user's perspective

Posted by Bradley Dyke

May 22

Editor's note: Bradley Dyke is an M.B.A. student at Wayne State University's School of  Business in Detroit.

Like so many users out there, I rely heavily on RSS feeds for my news. However, since July 2013 – the date Google Reader went dark –it become an arduous task going from site to site to view news. On my way to finding a single site RSS successor, I learned a great deal about what works and doesn't in newsfeed delivery. News, blogs, everything that once seemed at a user’s fingertips seemed a bit further away than the day before. Google had set the standard for what readers wanted, providing:

  • Easy search for RSS feeds
  • An easy to read layout
  • Ability to save articles
  • Organization
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Ability to share articles
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Facebook Set to Launch Visual News Reader Called Paper

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Feb 14


As Facebook approaches their 10th birthday, Mark Zuckerberg is giving Facebook fans a new treat.  It is a curated visual news reader called Paper.  Paper is the very first product from Facebook’s Creative Labs, which works to create new engaging mobile experiences.  Zuckerberg’s goal is for Paper to become the newspaper of the modern age. It is available in the app store starting on February 3rd, just one day before Facebook’s decade long anniversary.

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