The Future Challenges of Social Media

Posted by Vincent Carozza

Feb 2

The Future Challenges of Social Media


Social media has the potential to create a multitude of issues for organizations and has so already, from politically incorrect posts, inappropriate jokes, and the common spelling mistakes.  These issues have surely already impacted organizations and will continue to do so.  Organizations have had to make adjustments and dedicate additional attention to their social media marketing strategies to avoid these issues.  These issues will continue to haunt organizations in the future but with strong emphasis on detail and accuracy, these can be avoided.  However, these are most likely not the most important issues that a organization will face in the future.  As social media continues to change and grow so rapidly, organizations will certainly be faced with a great challenge of deciding which social media platforms to choose.  One of the primary challenges will also be connecting all the social media platforms and maintaining congruity between them.  With such, organizations must ensure that they uphold the congruity between their multiple sites.  Organizations will also need to determine how often to post and the content that will be posted.

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