RSS features from a user's perspective

Posted by Bradley Dyke

May 22

Editor's note: Bradley Dyke is an M.B.A. student at Wayne State University's School of  Business in Detroit.

Like so many users out there, I rely heavily on RSS feeds for my news. However, since July 2013 – the date Google Reader went dark –it become an arduous task going from site to site to view news. On my way to finding a single site RSS successor, I learned a great deal about what works and doesn't in newsfeed delivery. News, blogs, everything that once seemed at a user’s fingertips seemed a bit further away than the day before. Google had set the standard for what readers wanted, providing:

  • Easy search for RSS feeds
  • An easy to read layout
  • Ability to save articles
  • Organization
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • Ability to share articles
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Should consumers be concerned about businesses tracking data online?

Posted by Aloshia Jackson

May 8

 Editor’s note: Aloshia Jackson is an M.B.A. student at Wayne State University’s School of Business. Recently, she examined Internet methods available to business to track consumer behavior. In her post, she also questions the ethical implications for business and privacy options for the individual online consumer.

Online_Tracking_Web_shutterstock_189112310.jpgAdvances in online technology over the years have tremendously impacted the way in which marketers obtain information in order to improve targeting, segmentation, reach and therefore profitability. It has also impacted the way products are marketed to consumers.

Such advances allows marketers to tailor ads and search results to the consumer based on activity storing cookies on consumer’s computers and other data collection methods. As a result, marketers are able to keep items of interest in front of the consumer rather than annoying advertisements, products, and services that the consumer is not interested in and provide a huge array of services to consumers. While there are many benefits to tracking and collecting data through modern day internet technology several concerns arise:

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