Inbound Information Technology

Three highly integrated courses focused on developing market-ready, in-demand skills and technical competencies
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ISM 7505: Inbound Information Technology

This course familiarizes the student ...  

  1. with the use of social media tools used to develop reach and engagement,
  2. with analytical models to create insights, and
  3. with inbound information technology tools and techniques to promote competitive organizational operations. 
Using these tools and technologies, students conduct independent research in the areas of keyword generation, workflow creation, search engine optimization, and campaign development and tracking.  This course explores topics on search engine optimization (SEO), link building, blogging, competitive analysis, page ranking, keywords, content creation, and social media monitoring as well as the effective use of email. 

To learn more about this class, please visit ... ISM 7505: Inbound Information Technology.  



James Kupras

" Not only did I learn great insights from my teammates and other competitors, I learned a lot about my ability to perform under pressure as well. "

James Kupras, MBA '2015
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ISM 7994: Digital Content Creation

The use of social media sites and personalized, responsive, smart web sites as touch points for organizations trying to reach interested individuals worldwide has grown dramatically in recent years as the current global internet usage penetration has become approximately 40 percent of the world’s population.  This course teaches the student how to create and monitor leading-edge websites using the most advanced Content Optimization Systems (COS) available.  

To learn more about this class, please visit ... ISM 7994: Digital Content Creation.  



Thomas Joy

" This trending technology applies to ALL businesses - and learning these skills and principles will enhance one's career / marketability no matter what field he or she is in. "

Thomas Joy, MBA
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ISM 7996: Principles for Customer Relationship Management

This course offers students the opportunity to retool their marketing mindset from a product-centric view to a customer-centric view using Inbound Information Technology (IIT) e-Crm tools for understanding and predicting the behavior of current prospects and customers.  Students obtain an understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology, concepts, processes, organizational functions and management.  In addition, they gain an understanding of key concepts, technologies and best practices, as well as implementation of these e-CRM strategies, issues, techniques and terminology associated with database marketing and data analysis.  

To learn more about this class, please visit ... ISM 7996: Customer Relationship Management.  



Brooke Cowell, MBA,

" ISM 7505 takes what is happening in the marketing world and take your marketing program to the next level.  I highly recommend 7505 to graduate students and anyone who wants to stay competitive in today's marketing world. "

Brooke Cowell, MBA '2014, Marketing Manager, Ducker Worldwide