About Us - The Information Systems Management Faculty

Meet our team!

The full faculty in the Information Systems and Management department have a wide variety of interests and backgrounds.  Take a moment and read about our faculty team.  


John Heinrichs

Associate Professor

In his research, Professor Heinrichs focuses on how information technology can provide business and organizations with optimal placement in the marketplace. His research interests include competitive intelligence, data mining, eLearning, knowledge management, search engine optimization (SEO), social media and inbound marketing. He incorporates these research interests with students in his Inbound Information Technologies course (ISM 7505), where students begin to understand how to position an organization in cyberspace. Discussion focuses on SEO, links, RSS syndication, blogging, page ranking, tweeting, publishing and tagging content, email campaigns, and social media.

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Toni Somers

Toni Somers

Professor and Associate Dean

Dr. Somers is the Associate Dean and Professor of Information Systems Management.  She has earned her MBA from Bowling Green State University and her Ph.D. from The University of Toledo.  Somer's expertise is in Statistics, Manufacturing Management, Management Information Systems, Total Quality Management, and Customer Relationship Management.

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Arik Ragowsky

Arik Ragowsky

Associate Professor

Dr. Ragowsky is the Director of the Manufacturing Center and an Associate Professor of Information Systems Management.  He has earned his academic degrees from Tel-Aviv University.  Ragowsky's expertise is in Information Systems Analysis and Design, Information Systems Policy and Management, and ERP Systems.

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Christine Jackson


Dr. Jackson is the Chair of the Information Systems and Management Department and a Professor of Management.  Jackson's expertise is in Organizational Behavior Courses and High Performance Teams.  She has earned his academic degrees from University of Florida and Michigan State University.  

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