Career Categories

There are many career titles for those seeking employment in and currently employed in the field of "Inbound Information Technology".  Several titles include:

  • Content Producer
  • Digital Account Executive
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Inbound Account Strategist
  • Paid Search Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Web Production Project Manager

Inbound Salaries

Moz conducted a survey of individuals working in this industry.  The graphic below details the average salaries of the respondents in their particular job category.  Details regarding this survey can be found at Moz by following this link ...

Discuss about the survey results by Moz personnel can be found at ... 




The image is displayed here following the Creative Commons license associated with the data.  The license information can be found at ...

Inbound Resumes

Viewing resumes can help spark creative ideas on ways to enhance your resume and a great resource to obtain sample resumes you can use and model your resume after is at ...

Resume Career Categories


Unique Resumes

Consider creating a unique resume to reach out to potential employeers.  Apply the skills you learn in ISM 7994: Digital Content Creation to develop an engaging resume site.

Career Opportunities

The Ilitch School of Business provides career planning and placement assistance for students.  

Inbound-org_membersThere are many sources to find career opportunities in the "Inbound Information Technology" (IIT) industry.  One sources is located at --  Job categories are in the area of development, design, content, SEO, and social media.     





How to Conduct your Inbound Job Search

Listen as David Meerman Scott details how to conduct an "Inbound Job Search".

Lessons to Apply

  • Make It About Inbound
  • Show Who You Are
  • Get Found!
  • Lead The Revolution
  • It Is About Attention
  • You Are What You Publish
  • I Create Content

Now, it is your turn!

Job Interview Preparation

Preparation for your job interview is a very important task.  As an Inbound professional, consider these three steps in your job interview preparation.

  1. Run a "Market Grader" report on the company to provide you with questions and insights.
  2. Review the company culture at "Glassdoor" and remind yourself why it is important by watching this "TEDxUMassAmherst" presentation.
  3. Monitor who opens your email by using "Sidekick".

Most importantly, read this blog post for additional steps and all the "behind the scenes" details --> Interview Preparation written by Lauren Pedigo.

" I sat through a presentation this morning at General Motors in which we were presented a bunch of new tools for marketing analytics! It was nice to know what 'CTA' and 'SEO' stood for! Looking forward to use my new skillset to make a difference in the company, even if I am a 'finance' person. :) "

Chanel Sarhan