Fall Semester 2017

Consider spending a week (September 25-28, 2017) studying in Boston this Fall 2017 semester!!

Graduate MBA students who are taking ISM 8000 will spend a week in Boston at the Inbound 2017 conference networking, learning from industry leaders, and listening to outstanding keynote presentations.  

Undergraduate students should consider taking ISM 5670: Special Topics in Information Systems as it incorporates the Inbound 2017 conference as part of the student experiential learning event.

Enrolling in the ISM 5670 (for undergraduate students) or ISM 8000 (for graduate students) requires permission of the instructor.  The reason is so you can ask any questions you might have and so that you are totally aware that travel to Boston for the conference is part of the course requirements.  

Inbound 2017

We are here because of each and every one of you!




Testimonials from Students

Questions about what you will learn at Inbound 2017? Ask your peers what they learned at Inbound in previous years.  Lindsey Ravasani says, "One word to describe the Inbound Marketing Conference is it is just simply Amazing. I have been a part of many conferences throughout my time at Wayne State, but the Inbound Conference is nothing like any other conference I have attended."

Ravansani further states, "The primary focus of the conference is for attendees to network, listen to educational speakers, and enjoy all the information sessions that the conference has to offer. The event from start to finish is strategically thought out and makes it easy on the individuals who attend the event to plan out their agenda for the day.

One of the best aspects, I found useful was just sitting back and listening to how truly excited everyone was to talk about their companies, brainstorm ideas amongst each other, and motivate one another. No one at the conference seemed bothered to answer questions about themselves, the industry, the companies they are involved in, or shy to ask you questions either.  The trip and overall experience of the conference was enlightening!"    

  • Kristy - Juanita
    Kristy - Juanita
  • Farahman - Idon - Juanita - Kristi
    Farahman - Idon - Juanita - Kristi
  • John - Idon - Juanita
    John - Idon - Juanita
  • Lindsey - Allison
    Lindsey - Allison
  • Gabriel at Swing
    Gabriel at Swing
  • Students with Brian Halligan, CEO HubSpot
    Students with Brian Halligan, CEO HubSpot
  • Kate - Robin Zach
  • Kate at swing

Inbound 2014

Please watch as Shylan and Natalia explain what they got from their Inbound 2014 conference experience.