Generation Z and Snapchat: The Future of Advertising

Posted by Nick Mattar

Jun 16

Every Generation is scrutinized more than the last generation, reviewed tirelessly and considered to be lazier than all others. Millennials are currently the targets of studies, articles, and blog posts that aim to point out some flaw in the way they live. However, the generation following Millennials is beginning to finally pick up some traction in the internet world – Generation Z.

Generation Z is commonly referred to as the crop of people born after Millennials, beginning in approximately 1997 and ending sometime after 2010. In other words, those who do not remember Hanson’s “MMMBop” topping the charts are a part of Generation Z. Different scholars use different years as the generation’s advent, but the common ground appears to be the late 1990s. These people have lived their entire lives with the internet, coming of age as Facebook and Google ruled the internet. Their number one source of communication has been texting and their number one method of purchasing (or pirating) music has been online.

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