Nurturing Your Real Estate Rolodex

Posted by Michael Suhy

Apr 10

Using Social Media to Remain Relevant After the Closing. 

According to Alyse Robertelli of The Robertelli Team Real Estate, 80% of her company’s clients come from referrals.  That’s 4 out of every 5 clients!  Are you taking the necessary steps to engage with your former clients on a continual basis to stay on the tip of their tongues when the opportunity presents itself for them to recommend a great agent to their family or friends?

In this article, I will provide some tips on using social media to stay relevant and in relationship with those past clients.  For our purposes, we will assume that you already use social media to an extent to promote new home sales and extend your reach.  Let’s learn how to kick up your social media game to transform your social media game from AAA to the Pros. 

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

Posted by Michael Suhy

Apr 6

How to Harness the Power of Content Marketing to Sell your Business before your Products

Fun Fact:  Content Marketing can be dated back to 4200 B.C with cave drawings depicting how best to defend yourself against beasts. 

Full Disclosure: I am an MBA student who stumbled into an Inbound Information Technology course and for the last four weeks I have been consuming the inbound marketing methodology by the pound!  I have zero background in marketing but a Ph.D. in consuming. 

This blog will focus on Content Marketing in general and the power of telling your business story in particular.  

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