Social Media Challenges Faced by Startups and Large Corporations

Posted by Shannon Starr

Feb 23

It’s rare to find a multi-million corporation that doesn’t have an online presence of some sort. Chances are that these corporations have strong marketing structures and teams that focus on various aspects of the marketing channels.

Startup companies may have a difficult time establishing their online presence due to their search engine optimization (SEO). Large corporations have a strong SEO due to their popularity and familiarity with the brand. SEO is a type of “free” advertising and helps websites maintain a strong position on search engines.

See below for a video produced by Search Engine Land to gain a further understanding on SEO.

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A Company's Top Marketing Challenges

Posted by Shannon Starr

Feb 16


According to the 2016 State of Inbound Report, companies face many marketing challenges on a daily basis.  HubSpot has cited that a company's largest marketing challenges are generating traffic and leads and proving the ROI of marketing services. 

Although there are other top marketing challenges that companies face such as securing an adequate budget, managing the website, and identifying the right technologies, it is important to focus on the top two challenges for businesses to thrive. 

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