3 Social Media Challenges That Can Be a Win

Posted by Conrad Hunt

Mar 13

Post. Tweet. Like. Love. Share. Repeat.

Social media as we know it today rushed into our world like a gush of wind.  It is rare that you will find a company or organization without one (or more!) social media account.  Our consumers want instant connection by chatting with you or sending a direct message to learn about your product or resolve an issue.  At times, people check social media before they even step foot into your store.  

Before we look at social media and how it affects your organization, we have to know where we’ve come from to know where we are heading.

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6 Steps to Increase Usability of Your Web Tool

Posted by Conrad Hunt

Jan 16

6 Steps to Increase Usability of Your Web Tool

In a world of iPads, laptops, tablets and smartphones, information is at our fingertips and leave us wanting more.  We expect more.  We crave ... more.  As a result, it’s important for organizations to meet the needs of the consumers and at times knowing what their audience wants before they realize what they want.

So you’ve created an interactive web tool but you’re struggling to get visitors to your website?  There may be a few roadblocks in your way:

  • Your consumer can’t find the solution to their problem
  • There’s too much content
  • The image to text ratio is small
  • There are no engaging elements in your tool
  • Your hyperlinks are broken

Use these helpful tips to re-build your tool with a responsive design that will keep your audience coming back and move it to the top of their web search.

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