4 Free tools to help manage your online reputation

Posted by Zachary Seman

Mar 9


Ever wonder why you are getting no page views???  Why no matter how well you initially designed your website you still never get new customers or prospects to even see it???  If this is the case for you than look no further you are in the right place!

Not all companies have the same struggles or hurdles to overcome.  This is especially true in the online world.  Newer companies are coming up with new ways to market and reach out to customers.  This can leave older and newer companies at a disadvantage if they are not willing to adapt to new standards.  This blog post will break down free easy to use tools that will help you manage your online reputation.

1. How to use keywords to manage your online reputation

Just having quality content on your website is not enough to keep your online reputation in a positive light.  The use of relevant and quality content and keywords is what is needed in combination to bolster one’s online reputation.  The reason these keywords are so important is because these are the words people are putting in the search boxes of popular search engines to find matches to what they are trying to find.  By using relevant keywords and more of them the more likely one’s company will be found on most major search engines. M ore importantly keywords are free.  To have your keywords be most effective in your blog they need to target the buyer personas. T o use relevant keywords and see their impact there are tools such as Hubspot and Google AdWords that can help test word effectiveness and relevance so that you may further bolster your online reputation.  Not only do keywords bolster your search engine response but it also increase readability to your blogs or posts.  It is also worth mentioning again that keywords are free!!!  So there is no excuse to not stat testing out which keywords work best for you!!

2. How to use blogs to bolster your online reputation

Blogging to increase online reputation is proven to work.  One of the more important tools to help increase one’s online reputation is to blog.  When a company posts blogs with relevant content and good use of keywords they make themselves more search engine friendly.  This entails that when people search for content that there is more of a chance that the posting company is found on the first page of the search engine and that they are towards the top of the list, as well.  Furthermore when a company posts relevant and helpful content it increase its potential to be shared.  Word of mouth is still a very powerful tool. If you can create good content that people want to share you will be creating free advertising just from your good content.  Good content is not talking about yourself, however, good content comes from talking to the industry as a whole.  Your call-to-actions and expertise are what are going to turn your readers into leads then into customers.  When trying to post good content don’t be afraid to be controversial just don’t be controversial for controversial sake.  It also helps to back up your content with numbers and relevant images that help improve people’s understanding of the blog.  Companies that blog 20 times or more per month have shown that they receive up to 5 times the amount of traffic of companies who blog 4 or less times a month (Hubspot.com). Not only that but Hubspot reports that companies that blog receive 88% more leads that companies that do not blog.  That is a huge difference and one companies should not ignore.  Blogging is powerful and if done right will greatly increase a company’s online reputation.  Remember blogs are free.  That means it doesn’t cost you anything to use them leaving one no real excuse to not be using them especially when they have great potential to help turn prospects into leads and finally into customers.

3. Social Media

Another powerful tool used to manage online reputation is social media.  Social media is not going anywhere and companies who refuse to use it are only setting themselves up for failure.  Social media is a great free tool that can help increase your brand recognition.  Social media can connect to your prospects, leads, and customers – it is a great way to connect to these people.  It allows real-time feedback and a way to squash negative ideas or bad reputation quickly by being able to communicate with the customer directly.  This in turn increases loyalty from your customers to your company.  Forbes dives deeper into some of these details on their website. (http://www.forbes.com/) It is also important to mention that one should not only be on one social media site. A company needs to have a presence on most major sites, such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  By being available on more than one source companies have a potential to generate more free content that can be shared, viewed, and liked which will in turn take prospects turn them into leads which will turn leads into customers.  It is too important medium for interacting with customers and potential customers to ignore any longer.

4. Feedback

One of the most important aspects in managing your online reputation is feedback.  With the use of feedback one can derive the necessary benefits a customer is looking for in their product or service. Reviews can make or break your company.  Customers today are more informed then they have ever been before and if you aren’t willing to listen to them your company is going to be dead in the water.  In order to use feedback successfully, you need to take away what customers are saying as a whole and try to increase your products or services benefits so that you increase good feedback which will increase your online standing in reviews and the amount of time people spend talking about you.  Taking and acting on feedback is not the only thing you need to manage you also need to make sure feedback is easy for the customer to give product or service.  Most happy customers are not going to leave reviews. So as a business you need to create a simple and quick way for your customers to easily give you feedback.  This could entail a comment section on product or service, emailing customer to review purchases, or a pop up at the end of their order asking for feedback.


The internet is widely becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate with companies today.  To simply ignore this fact would spell death to any company.  It provides many free to use tools that allow a company to reach out to its prospects, leads, and customers.  These tools include keywords that relate to your industry or product/service.  You can also use blogs and social media to not only market your product but to receive feedback so you can further increase your customer’s views of you, create new leads, and bolster your online reputation.  The best thing about these tools is they are free to use.  It is time to increase your online reputation today utilizing these helpful online tools!

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