Top Five reason you should be optimized for mobile devices

Posted by Zachary Seman

Apr 17


Mobile DevicesLet’s be honest here for a moment.  If you are not optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and phones you are losing prospects, leads, and customers. Hubspot reports that 40% of people will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.  Forty percent! ( That is almost half of your prospects, leads, and customers leaving in 3 seconds.  To translate this into simple dollars that means that for a slow loading website on a mobile device a company loses about 40% in potential revenue for slow loading.  So, if you still don’t think mobile optimization is important I will further describe to you the benefits of mobile optimizing your website.

Searches are becoming even more common on cellphones

Have you ever searched anything on one of the major search engine sites – Google, Yahoo, or Bing?  Most people have.  One would probably not be surprised to find that billions of people use these tools every day.

Now let’s look at this point in more detail.  How many of these people who were accessing these major search engines were accessing them through their mobile devices?  Would you be surprised to know that mobile searches are now outnumbering searches on desktops?  ( This means that when people are searching for your industry or your company specifically they are most likely doing so on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

Google HummingbirdTo further push the point of why mobile devices need to be optimized – if your company’s website is not it will suffer on Google rankings for searches.  This is all because of their Hummingbird update which will drop website rankings in a search if websites are not optimized for mobile devices.  Also, if Google is doing it, you better believe that most major search engines are going to follow a very similar path so that they can compete with Google search numbers.  If you are still thinking that your website does not need to be optimized, there is more information in this article to help convince you otherwise keep reading I know you will change your mind by the end.

Mobile users are not desktop users

One of the major takeaways from this article should be that mobile users operate differently from desktop users.  I know what most people are thinking.  Both the desktop user and the mobile user are usually the same person.  This is very true; however, the user behaves differently while on a desktop then while they are on a mobile device.  Mobile users consume visual media indecorously amounts of visual media compared to desktop users.  How does this play into turning your prospects into leads and turning your leads into customers?  Well Mobile users are impulsive.  There have also been studies showing that mobile users tend to spend more money on average per purchase than desktop users. (

With this information, it should be clear how your mobile website should function.  It should be simple and to the point.  It needs to showcase what benefits and values your product or service have for the customers.  If the customer is coming to your site to purchase things, then it needs to be a clear cut and easy path to purchase your product or service.  You don’t want cumbersome menus, too much information, or bad mobile design.  This will make it easier to allow your mobile users to quickly buy things on impulse.  Think of Amazon as an example.  On every page, you can easily get to the cart to check out.  Furthermore, if enabled users can buy anything from Amazon with a simple click of a button.  This is a perfect example of how a company such as Amazon looks at what values their customers drive out of the experience and then playing to the impulsiveness of the consumers.

Social media

Ever wondered how you could market your material for free?  Then look no further than social media.  It is reported that in 2015 nearly 2.1 billion people had social media accounts. 2.1 billion people can potentially discover your company and website from just engaging on social media. ( Social media is only continuing to grow and evolve.  Not using it is no longer an option.

So, if your company is already on social media one already has a higher chance of turning prospects into leads and leads into customers.  Furthermore, it increases the chance that users will be accessing your site through social media.  This could be from things you posted or from word of mouth of people who you have turned into loyal customers that are now sharing your content and talking about you.  However, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices all this good work you have done up to now will be for not. If your page is slow to load or has ruff content prospects or leads are going to leave your site which leads to loss of potential sales.

People want it

Let be honest here.  As a company one operates to create positive value for its shareholders or stakeholders.  How do you do that you ask?  Well you have a product or service that has benefits to what your customer values.  What do your customers value?  Well they value good mobile websites where they can easily find and share content.  So, as a company to generate or increase positive value for your shareholder or stakeholders you need to give your prospects, leads and customers a website that is optimized for mobile. 

We see this proven in the amount of time these prospects, leads and customers are spending on their mobile devices over traditional desktop computers.  The simple truth here is that if you don’t give them what they want they are going to go someplace else.  This is one of the easiest thing for your potential customers or current customers to do.  With the power of the internet it is not hard to find someone that does what you do and potentially does it better.  So why give them the chance to leave when you could be their one stop shop for whatever it is they are looking for?


People are not just using mobile devices in a vacuum.  People are constantly searching for things while they are watching TV, reading a book, commuting to work, and even while using a desktop computer.  This means that people are potentially engaging your company at all times of the day no matter what they are doing.  This doesn’t mean ignore desktop users now it simply means that there is a newer rapidly growing way people are accessing your content and its up to you to get them to want to stay so that they buy into your product or service and mobile optimization is one the largest most powerful tools to accomplish this goal. 

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