Importance of a Mobile-First Strategy

Posted by Venkat Koneru

Feb 12

The Importance of Mobile-First Strategy

In this 5 minute vlog, the importance of having a mobile-first strategy is discussed.

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Top Five reason you should be optimized for mobile devices

Posted by Zachary Seman

Apr 17


Let’s be honest here for a moment.  If you are not optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and phones you are losing prospects, leads, and customers. Hubspot reports that 40% of people will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.  Forty percent! ( That is almost half of your prospects, leads, and customers leaving in 3 seconds.  To translate this into simple dollars that means that for a slow loading website on a mobile device a company loses about 40% in potential revenue for slow loading.  So, if you still don’t think mobile optimization is important I will further describe to you the benefits of mobile optimizing your website.

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