The Value of Becoming Inbound Certified

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Jan 13

Inbound Certification

I was very excited to become inbound-marketing-certificationInbound Certified through Hubspot’s Inbound Certification Program.  I really wanted to pass the exam the first time I took the exam.  I was pretty stoked that I passed the exam my first time with a 94%!  (The average score is a 72% with a pass rate of 44%. Over 3,100 individuals from 74 different countries have passed the certification exam.) 

I realized I was able to pass the first time with a high score for several reasons:

  • I watched all the videos within a week;
  • I watched several of them more than once;
  • I printed out all the slides;
  • I took notes on the slides while watching the videos;
  • I had the slides with my notes available when I took the test;

It was important for me to get the best score possible for my class grade (ISM 7505: Inbound Information Technology), but more importantly I recognized the value of the knowledge I was gaining from a professional perspective.  Commerce is increasingly taking place online each and every day.  If you want a job as an Inbound Marketing Professional, the certification immediately gives you the skills and knowledge to create a viable, profitable inbound marketing strategy for a company. 

Gold is in the list.

I am an entrepreneur and I know that the “Gold is in the list”. It is paramount that I understand how to create an online presence that captures quality leads for my business consistently.  I know that I don’t have the skills to implement all of the components of inbound marketing, but I will be hiring a virtual assistant or contractor who will.  The Hubspot Inbound Certification program allows someone, whether employed or self-employed, to understand how to create an Inbound marketing strategy to help you reach your marketing and sales goals.  The certification covered essential topics from optimizing websites to landing page anatomy to segmenting the contact database.  It also equips you with the knowledge you need to hire the best people to implement that strategy.  I am confident that I can do both after passing the Inbound Certification Exam.


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(All accolades and credit for this tremendous blog post are to Elena Camp who is the author and creator of this post!)

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