Alumni Profile - Brooke Cowell

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Apr 10

Alumni Profile

An Interview WSU Alumni Brooke Cowell, Marketing Managerwith ... Brooke Cowell, Marketing Manager at Ducker Worldwide

Tell us about your first real job out of college. What was the position? How did you get your start?

I started my career right out of college as Business Development and Marketing Manager at Chief Financial Credit Union.  During my senior year at Adrian College I became very frustrated as all of my friends were finding jobs with well-known companies and I was struggling to find the right fit, ultimately I found my position through networking.  This was my first experience in realizing how important networking and building relationships truly was. 

How did your Wayne State education prepare you for your career?

I will be graduating with my MBA in May and I couldn’t feel more confident about the future of my career.  My time at Wayne State while pursuing my MBA education has helped build my confidence with not only my capabilities but has also contributed to my ability to speak intelligently with colleagues and clients about other business subjects such as finance, strategy and management.

How do you think social media has changed the way companies hire and discover new candidates?

My current organization is currently working to better understand how social media affects our ability to find qualified candidates.  One benefit we have noticed is the increase in referrals through sharing job postings on employee’s personal Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook pages.  Our referral program has been very successful the last couple of years.

Tell us about your current career; position; company; etc.

I am the Marketing Manager for Ducker Worldwide, a global research and consulting firm headquartered in Troy, MI.  I joined Ducker almost 8 years ago and have been given the opportunity to create the marketing department from the ground up and directly influence how marketing contributes to Ducker’s growth goals.  Throughout the last couple of years our marketing efforts have shifted significantly and we are focusing heavily on inbound marketing and the various interactive marketing tools to generate leads and build awareness.  We are very excited about the future of this program and one of my current classes at Wayne State – ISM 7505: Information Analytics: Inbound Information Technology has contributed significantly to my ability to become exposed and certified in new inbound marketing programs and thought processes.

Do you recommend this company to other Wayne State students? If so, does you company offer internships and full time positions?

I highly recommend Ducker Worldwide to Wayne State Students – we are currently looking to fill several positions with various degrees and backgrounds.  I suggest students visit our website at to learn more about Ducker Worldwide and our current openings.

What is the one piece of advice you would offer to a future Wayne State graduate?

Wayne State provides access to many local organizations, companies and opportunities.  I highly suggest to get involved in the community and build relationships.  You never know how those relationships may impact your future!

(This Alumni Profile interview was created by Sari Gordon who is the author and content creator.  All accolades for this interview are for Sari Gordon and Brook Cowell.  Many thanks!)

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