Michigan Women's Leadership Index

Posted by Toni Somers

Jun 29

Are women gaining ground at the top tier of Michigan businesses?  Results of a longitudinal study of women directors and officers in the state’s 100 largest market capitalization firms conducted by Wayne State University School of Business Administration faculty members Toni Somers and Sheri Perelli will be announced by GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson September 25, 2013.


So, mark your calendar for the release of the '2013 Michigan Women's Leadership Index'.  This insightful analysis will be released on September 25, 2013! 

This report provides a biennial view highlighting the presence and the prominence of the leadership role of women executives at the highest levels in Michigan’s top 100 public companies.  The reports also details the compensation and education of these women executives.

Celebrate the tenth anniversary of this index by reviewing "the past decade's global demographic shift of women as college graduates, employees, consumers, producers and entrepreneurs – and its impact on Michigan."

As you anxiously await the release of this report, please review our blog post on the gender-based compensation gap of CFOs.  The original study is in the May 2013 issue of the “Harvard Business Review.” 


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