Your Career Starts Here: LinkedIn

Posted by Kelsey Stalk

Jan 18

What and Why Use Linkedin

In this 5 minute vlog, Kelsey discusses the importance of developing a professional portfolio.

What and Why Use LinkedIn

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Many reasons to have a LinkedIn profile

Posted by Tareq Chowdhury

Nov 23


Organizational Issue

It is evident that a major problem facing the organization would be related to the lack of proper advertising and broadening of the spectrum of professional networking. The root of the problem lies not only within the internal system, but also in how well business professionals can utilize resources to connect, to inspire, and to develop the organization. There is, however, a potential solution to this rising issue: the implementation of LinkedIn profiles for all officials. There are a number of ways how a LinkedIn account can benefit individuals professionally and improve the organization.

Potential Solution: Implementation of LinkedIn Profiles

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Delta and LinkedIn Join Forces to Create Innovation Class

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Apr 16

Delta and LinkedIn Join Forces to Create Innovation Class

It is a known fact that business people spend a lot of time flying for business.  First class is often call “business class.”  However, there’s a new section of seating on select Delta flights called the Innovation Class and it will likely attract many business people. The innovation class is a mentoring program at 35,000 feet in the air. The first Delta innovation class flight was taken by Eric Migicovsky, who is the creator of Pebble Smartwatch. He understood that sometimes your schedule can become overwhelming and you have very little free time. In fact, he created the Pebble smartwatch to save time so he could see what was happening on his phone without taking it out of his pocket. Migicovsky loves to talk to people and share his perspectives. Migicovsky met with James Patton to discuss their love of technology. Had they met in person, they probably would have spoke for no more than five minutes but because they were sitting in innovation class, they had three hours to discuss. This is a corporate social media match made in the sky.

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