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Posted by Tareq Chowdhury

Nov 23


Organizational Issue

It is evident that a major problem facing the organization would be related to the lack of proper advertising and broadening of the spectrum of professional networking. The root of the problem lies not only within the internal system, but also in how well business professionals can utilize resources to connect, to inspire, and to develop the organization. There is, however, a potential solution to this rising issue: the implementation of LinkedIn profiles for all officials. There are a number of ways how a LinkedIn account can benefit individuals professionally and improve the organization.

Potential Solution: Implementation of LinkedIn Profiles

Hub of Professional Social Media

LinkedIn is basically the hub for social networking for professionals. Over the past years, its increase in popularity has attracted many people. A broad spectrum of networking techniques were initiated and the platform is still going strong. The improvements made by the LinkedIn team has ensured the site’s position as one of the largest professional sites accessible on the internet today. Today, it is home to over 380 million users across approximately 200 countries around the world. Its success rate in supporting people connect with others of similar interests is indeed commendable. It easily allows the marketing of one’s identity to companies and universities, in addition to creating and maintaining a well-respected reputation. Thus, including this professional networking magnate in the maintenance of a well-organized and properly functioning organization is definitely a worthy option.

Access to Unlimited Contacts

If all students and officials had established their identification using LinkedIn, the issue of connecting with peers and colleagues on a safe and legitimate platform would have been solved to a significant extent, if not completely. LinkedIn’s main purpose is making a connection with the professional world. It also acts as a tree of opportunities; a door that opens many more. With a professional profile made, one can discover new opportunities, find others with interests similar to theirs, and maintain their ties with the professional world. LinkedIn’s Advance search engine conveniently allows you to look up classmates from your college and build a realm of friends who have professionalism in common. Adding people to your network further enhances one’s professional network in the sense that it can lead to a perpetuation of change in whichever field or industry a person is in. With the sharing of resumes, blogs, personal accomplishments, etc., a plethora of ideas and innovations may occur. As usual, friends of friends, or mutual connections, may be encountered. This will only positively impact the growing empire of connections!

Utilization of LinkedIn Tool

Just like how the new Common Application system for applying to colleges is being widely accepted by universities, LinkedIn is also increasingly popular with recruiters. The Common App is one of the most essential components of a student’s application. It basically outlines a student’s life, their surroundings, personal information, both academic and non-academic accomplishments, volunteer experience, family history, etc. This information is vital for a university to get a basic idea of where the student stands in his school and community. The required essays, however, allow admission officers to gain insight of a student. Similar to that, an interview is imperative before hiring an employee. Interviews allow for a simple debriefing of a potential employee’s capabilities and their communication skills. In this case, a LinkedIn profile may be compared to the Common App. A LinkedIn profile enables employers to examine all the details that are not targeted during an interview. They have the chance to analyze all of qualifications of an individual and grasp what he actually has to offer. The outline on the profile regarding education and social background can act as a clear representation of one’s personality and goals. Since this professional network building platform supports both the interests of employers and employees and makes sure that all of their professional needs are catered for, LinkedIn might as well be classified as a clever marketing tool. Basically it is a business deal; a company’s recruiters are buying one’s qualifications to suit the needs of their corporation.

Advertisement, or more importantly proper and effective advertisement, is imperative for any organization. In order to expand the audience of the organization and to give them accurate information, strong advertising strategies must be implemented. LinkedIn has just the right tool to allow this. With the ‘company pages’ software, it is easier than ever to promote, establish, and keep tabs on new ideas and innovations. The site has also partnered with Twitter to enable more convenient sharing of any updates pertaining to new job positions, academic achievements, awards, etc. of an individual, or any key information related to the organization. Although social media is mostly known for the advocacy of an individual’s personal life, the unique tie of LinkedIn with Twitter creates a respectable boundary between a professional network and social entertainment center. Likewise, it is also possible for an individual or employee to gain recognition and become popular through the organization they are associated with. When people search for the organization, the employee will also appear as a part of the organization. In this case, both the organization and its associates can be researched at once, hence they will gain more publicity. In essence, if used strategically, LinkedIn can successfully help any organization reach its maximum professionalism and fulfill its objectives.

LinkedIn is capable of helping a newbie find his way into the professional world, and actually make a mark on it. Those who have already established a profile and utilize it for the professional reasons it was created for, always have the advantage of helping an organization grow and develop in terms of status and productivity with the excellent resources available on LinkedIn. Employees are bound to experience an increase in professional development when they use LinkedIn after a certain period of time. The ideas which they share with their fellow employees is evidence of team efforts in the quest of helping an organization succeed in its purpose. Furthermore, implementing the mandatory use of LinkedIn for students and officials, to carry on a successful organization, and to eliminate the major issue of professional disorganization of officials, is an innovative and effective method that is sure to bring positive results. It is obvious that LinkedIn will definitely introduce a revolutionary change that the organization so desperately needs. 

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