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Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Jun 27

Style Chic

Take a moment and view the creative styling of Editor and Chief of Style Chic 360, L. Inez Parker.  "Style Chic 360 is a personal style blog created by Inez in March 2011."  stylechic360The website and blog began as a place to provide the reader with great ideas on fashion.  But it rapidly became more than that.  Read through the posts and you can find tips on networking, discover recent events such as the Voo Vodka Private Tasting, and be marveled at the images and videos from the Minoru Yamasaki's Reflecting Pool and Sculpture Gardens Re-Dedication ceremony. 

But it is more than that!  Inez found a unique niche.  She saw a need "to create a place for fashion bloggers of Detroit to unite, grow and network."  Based upon her insight and desire to fill this niche, Inez founded the network FASH DET: Fashion Bloggers of Detroit in 2011. 

Let's Network!

As Inez writes, "Follow my journey of thrifty fashion, natural hair, and faith".   Inez participates in a variety of social networking tools.  She has built a loyal community on Twitter (almost 1,500 followers), on Facebook (over 2,300 "Likes"), on YouTube (over 400 subscribers), and on Pinterest, Instagram and Pose. 

Also, Inez will be a featured panelist at the 2013 Style Bloggers of Color Conference in Miami.  This conference is "the premiere blogger community that celebrates diversity within the blogosphere!"  Consider attending the conference, email Inez, tweeting her, or posting on her facebook page.  I am sure she will share her success tips!  

How can I Succeed in the Digital World?

So, why feature such a tremendous individual in the School of Business Administration blog? 

Learn More About Inbound Information Technology!

Because "social media sites are becoming increasingly important in customer relationship and brand management as a means to disseminate information regarding the organization’s products, brands, and services and to engage with current and potential customers."  It is estimated that the worldwide increase in the number of internet users exceeded 2 billion individuals (almost 40% of the world’s population) during 2012.  Thus, one of the key advantages of marketing using the internet is that the internet enables you to reach a potentially large worldwide prospective population. Recent studies highlight that the top internet activity is online shopping with online sales in the United States estimated at $239 billion in 2013!  

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