5 Easy Steps to Test the Readability of Your Document

Posted by Monica Roberts

Jan 5

Testing the Readability of your Documents 

Have you ever wondered if your emails, documents, or blogs were written to the appropriate reading level of your audience?

With your expertise and education, you are challenged with proving your academic prowess while retaining an appropriate level of understanding.  On the other hand, you may want to ensure you are including content representative of your position to ensure credibility.  Either way, the readability of your document is extremely important.  Readability not only measures the accessibility of writing, but also indicates how effectively the writing will reach the reading audience.

What you may not know is that the Microsoft Office products, such as Word, contain an often unused tool that will calculate the readability of the document for you.  Similar to spell check, you are able to measure the readability metrics prior to publishing your final draft.

To get started, open up the latest draft document as we walk through how to measure the key components.  With these metrics as reference, you will never again have to assume your content matches your audience.  You will now know for certain.  Let’s get started!

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