The Future of Social Media and its Challenges

Posted by Michael Duda

Dec 18

The Future of Social Media:

And the challenges that ensue

This 6 minute vlog focuses on four potential challenges associated with social media.

The Future of Social Media


VLOG Topics

  • Potential Challenges
    • Decline of Organic Reach
    • Proof of ROI
    • Reputation Management 
    • Influencer Marketing Risks

  • Challenge #1: Organic Reach Declines
    • Organic Reach Solutions
      • post videos!

  • Challenge 2: Proof of ROI
    • attach goals 
    • confirm reach
    • use promo code

  • Challenge #3: Reputation Management


  • Challenge #4: Influencer Marketing
    • wrong influencer can be detrimental



Topics: social media

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