Rethinking Big Data and Analytics

Posted by William Frantz

Jan 15

Rethinking Big Data and Analytics

This 5 minute vlog post examines the types of data available for analysis.

You have to imagine a world in which there's this abundance of data, with all of these connected devices generating tons and tons of data. And you're able to reason over the data with new computer science and make your product and service better. What does your business look like then? That's the question every CEO should be asking. -- Michael Dell

Key in the insights presented is that data is the new asset for the organization. Listen as Frantz presents "Rethinking Big Data and Analytics".

SoapBoxVideo - willsfrantz

Topics for Rethinking Big Data and Analytics

The topics for this discussion include:

  • Types of Data
    • Traditional / Organized
    • Non-Traditional / Unorganized
  • Social Media -- Driver of unorganized data
  • Example -- using a photo
  • Analysis by algorithm
  • Uses of this data
  • Data is the new asset

Topics: Big Data, business analytics

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