Healthcare Data: Digitizing Personal Health Data

Posted by Vince Bucchare

Jan 26


This vlog discusses healthcare data and how digitizing personal health data is changing how we manage health today.

We are moving into an era where patients are expected to take charge of their own health.  .

Types of Healthcare Data:

  • Demographics
  • Claims
  • Lab Results
  • Pharmacy
  • Measurements
  • Fitness and Nutrition

Healthcare Data:



One in five Americans will wear a Smartwatch by 2021!


Expand HIPPA to include digitization of the personal healthcare record.  This would allow individuals to store their healthcare records digitally in a universal format.  Store the information in an accessible Big Data database -- see the potential applications / benefits in the infographic in the reference section.  


Infographic: How Big Data Will Unlock The Potential Of Healthcare

Henry Ford MyChart

Topics: Big Data

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