Finding Career Opportunities Online

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Nov 15

Looking for a job Interviewin the new digital age can be difficult. My goal with this blog post is to give job seekers a few tips on how to approach the search and provide a few useful tools to use in that search. 

Tips for the Online Job Seeker

  • Clean up your resume - There is nothing that will quickly get you eliminated from a pile of resumes faster than typos. It is a common tool recruiters use to weed out applicants. Clean it up.
  • Create a cover letter - If a site offers the opportunity to create a cover letter for a position, do it!  This is your chance to tell the recruiter why you are a good fit for a company and why they should hire you.
  • Set up e-mail alerts - Most major companies offer the ability to set up an e-mail alert system for job postings. Take advantage so you can get the jump on a posting. The early bird gets the worm and in this instance, the quicker you apply, the more likely a recruiter is to actually review your resume.
  • Apply, apply, apply! - The key with most job searches is to keep applying to positions that you are interested in qualified in. Don't put all your eggs in one basket and think the one job posting that looked perfect for you is going to work out. Keep applying to openings and you will hear back from them.

Online Job Sites

There are several online tools available for job seekers. Here are three I have found useful in my time at Wayne State University.

  1. WayneBizCareers -  This site is Wayne State University School of Business Administration's own website where they post jobs that come through their career placement office. They also offer resume services and classes for their alumni. A very useful tool for students right out of college.
  2. LinkedIn -  LinkedIn is quickly becoming a professional must have in the new digital age. On top of offering networking opportunities for professionals, they also have a jobs page where numerous companies post current openings. They also offer a Job Seeker plus paid service that offers additional functionality.
  3. The Ladders - The Ladders is a job seeking site that caters to all levels of career seekers. After filling out an online profile for free, you will be matched up with jobs that are posted on the site and able to apply for the positions.

(All credit and accolades for this blog post goes to Douglas Evans who wrote and researched this blog topic!)

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