5 Common Graduate Student Faux Pas

Posted by Jesse Stanghini

Jun 14

Graduate Programs Office Growth

The Graduate Programs Office (GPO) within the School of Business Administration offers many services, from admission to advising, to assist graduate students throughout their academic careers. The main office is located in the Prentis Building in Midtown Detroit, the office also holds advising hours at the WSU Oakland Center. The office celebrated its one year anniversary on June 1st! Since opening, the GPO has expanded its services with a helpful and knowledgeable staff to ensure success of its growing student population. Help us spread the word and embrace change at WSU!


The Graduate Programs Office now serves over 1000 graduate students, offering multiple programs and flexible course offerings. Students are able to take classes in person, online, on weekends and at our satellite location; Oakland Center. Most recently the office launched the start of a newly created fully online MBA Program and now offers 12 new possible concentrations to its traditional MBA program. For more information, contact us today at gradbusiness@wayne.edu!

5 Common Graduate Student Faux Pas


1. Procrastination

Understanding yourself and what works best for you can be a great beginning in determining the most productive way to address time management skills. It is vital to prioritize and skillfully carve out time for specific tasks that are of high importance. Be proactive and set reminders with technology, post-it notes, or alarms to ensure you submit paperwork before the deadlines!

2. Key Relationships

Graduate students can lose sight of building important relationships that are instrumental to their success. Though networking is extremely important, it is also vital to a successful career to foster relationships with your advisors, faculty, and colleagues. Establish a network which you can effectively communicate with to rely on and also enhance your collegiate experience.

3. Time Management

Balancing personal and academic life is a difficult challenge that graduate students encounter. Developing the necessary skills to avoid failing to plan ahead can help balance the struggle. Whether in your career or taking care of a loved one, it is important to be cognizant of priorities. Remember to include time for relaxation and enjoyment because that can be equally important!

4. Using Resources

Often times, graduate students can be distracted with perpetual demands of career, academic, and personal lives. Be aware that services offered to undergraduate students are commonly offered to graduate students, plus even more! From stress reduction to academic success and child care services, familiarize and become knowledgeable of what is accessible and available.

5. Graduate versus Undergraduate

Underestimating differences between the two experiences from coursework to managing your time effectively can be difficult. Be advised that the graduate experience requires an altered set of demands when compared to the undergraduate endeavor. Use your resources, newly formed key relationships, and effective time management skills to realign your focus to ensure success!

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