5 Reasons You Need to Use Snapchat for Business Marketing

Posted by James Loduca

Mar 30

Take a moment and think about the time you explained what Facebook was to someone older than 40 years old.  I bet it was difficult.  I bet you heard, “Why does anyone care what I’m doing,” or “I don’t want people to see everything I do.”  Now think about how many of those people have a Facebook page.  The answer is probably astonishingly high. 

Now just because your Grandma comments on all your photos does not necessarily translate into business value.  But for every person that didn’t know they needed or wanted a Facebook page was a marketing opportunity for businesses.  

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Future Challenges with Social Media

Posted by Megan Bibee

Mar 27

Social Media is ever evolving and more and more companies are utilizing the channels to attract customers.  Whether it be advertising a brand through image or video, providing a discount or even soliciting feedback from current customers, companies need to be aware of the potential challenges that they may encounter when utilizing such channels.  A few categories of these challenges include online reputation management, social media policy, and privacy issues.  While these are all very important, online reputation management is key to ensuring that a company attracts customers and keeps them.  Companies of all sizes can benefit from online reputation management. 

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Ways To Protect Your Privacy Online

Posted by Wissam Ismail

Mar 23

It seems that in just a short amount of time, social media has swept the world off of it's feet with the freedom to communicate and network via websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  It seems as if there is almost no end to what you can share and find on websites like these.  Social media is an easy, fast, and fun way to keep up with the new age and share your life with your friends, fans, and loved ones.  Communicating with them on a network that's easy to access makes these social media super appealing to people of all age groups.  What you share on your social media account is totally up to you, and what you share is what you'd like to represent as you.  Although this is an amazing and popular feature, sometimes social media isn't the best place to share personal information, locations, and images. Sometimes the content you post on social media can do more harm than benefits. 

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Study in Boston! Attending Inbound 2016

Posted by Brandon Eick

Mar 20

A Hubspot Experience

Attending the Inbound 2016 conference in Boston was a great opportunity to learn more about the growing business of Digital Marketing.  Sessions ranged from talks on the innovations coming from Silicon Valley to how to get away with swearing in your marketing.  While attending these sessions, you also had an amazing opportunity to socialize and meet people working in the field.  As a college student, every professional I met was impressed I was able to attend and eager to talk to get my opinion on Hubspot’s Inbound marketing. 

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3 Ways That Search is Changing

Posted by Michelle Trudeau

Mar 16

Everything the we know about searching the web is constantly changing.  New devices that change the way that we retrieve information are becoming available every day.  We no longer have to sit down with our laptops and type a subject into our browser to find some relevant information.  If we think of something that we need to know right now, we can get instant access to the information on our portable devices.  This portability has changed everything, including our search behavior.  So, to give you an idea of how our new search behavior is shaping the future I will provide insight into three different search techniques. 

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