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Posted by Paul Harworth

Jan 27

Search Engine Marketing


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Hello! My name is Paul Harworth and I am a first semester graduate student at Wayne State University and today I will be discussing search engine marketing. So what is search engine marketing. Well it is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results. So the key to this is that you pay for keywords that users of a search engine such as Google or Bing might enter when searching for goods or services and then your ad that you paid for, using search engine marketing, would show up alongside the search results. So the greatest strength of search engine marketing is that it offers advertisers the opportunity to put their ads in front of motivated customers who are ready to buy the precise moment they're ready to make a purchase. So the importance of this is that it is a really great opportunity for you to grow your business quickly is that these motivated customers who might be searching for something using Google or Bing you have the opportunity to give them something that they are ready to buy at that precise moment or help solve the issue they're having or help them achieve their goal quickly. So it's a very great opportunity for you to grow your business quickly. So there's search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Search engine marketing it's like what I said paid advertisements for keyword search results but search engine optimization is free and that these keywords are get towards the top of Google and Bing search results based off the relevancy of their content. Now both are important for the inbound marketing strategy where search engine optimization deals with leads may be at the top of the funnel when you're trying to get your initial leads and then search engine marketing can be used towards the bottom of the funnel when you're trying to get these possible leads to become to have quick convert into customers quickly. So one deals with top of the funnel and one can deal with the bottom funnel of inbound marketing. The importance of keywords again this is really the key to search engine marketing so keywords is what shows up when the user goes into the search engine and it is critical for a successful search engine marketing strategy that your company, if you decide to use this, does really extensive research into what are the keywords that you want to use. Now the goal is you want to attempt to get a keyword that has high amount of traffic but low competition. Now if you find keywords that have high traffic high competition then it can be difficult to get your your ad, your keyword search results to appear at the top or you could be pay not to get that which I'll get to later. So where are the platforms that you can use for search engine marketing. Well the most popular is Google Adwords. There's also Bing ads and there's Yahoo search ads. So really all search engine marketing is most the time pay-per-click but not all pay-per-click uses is for search engine marketing. For example, Facebook Ads is not search engine marketing where Facebook ads are just ads that are in a user's feed but this user didn't search on these terms. So what are some strategies that can help you implement search engine marketing. Well, there's pay per click advertising which I discussed another important thing is site design. So when you have your ad and the user clicks on this ad and gets to your website, it's critical to have a very fluent very good website design that gets customers to stay on your website and then ultimately leads them to possibly buying your good or service that you're offering. You also want to determine your key demographics. This leads back to one of most fundamentals of inbound marketing your buyer persona; you know who is your ideal customer who are you trying to market to and get your good or service to that you want to understand; you what is your what is your age range; what is your income range; where does this person work; where do they live; and you what goals and what challenges are you trying to help them get solved. So it's really important that you understand your buyer persona and who your key demographics who your he people are that your marketing to. You also want to make sure you monitor your competitors you realize who your top competitors are. You know use your keyword search results and and see you know what other competition are using similar keyword search results and how successful are they and again you also want to remember the customer. Now the most important thing is not to just try and have the highest or best you know search ad that shows up at the top but you want to also make sure you remember that customer and if you forget about that customer then that can make your inbound marketing strategy difficult. So you also want to make sure that you remember that customer throughout the entire process not just that the initial ad search but also through the website and through the entire process to ultimately get the most leads converted into potential customers and then hopefully continued customers and then finally infographics. Certainly last but not least infographics. You want to make sure that you utilize infographics well that it is one of the best ways most powerful ways to to make to generate link building for your website. You can utilize statistics, you can utilize real data, and you can also utilize these infographics on your social media pages where utilizing these infographics which could be expensive for some but these infographics can really help you generate links that get to your content that you're trying to get to your ideal buyer personas. So you might be asking what is the cost of all this. Well it can be expensive but the good thing is is that you know if you bid $50 to get this keyword search result but the next top bidder only you know maybe bids $30 then you only have to pay $30 and one cent to get that big so it's important that kind of from the top down from upper management to the social media marketing team implementing the search engine marketing strategy everyone is on the same page with you know what is what is it that we're trying to get towards our customers. You know how much are we willing to spend and what is our ultimate goals of objectives for this. So everyone should really be aligned on what are the ultimate goals and objectives for the search engine marketing strategy. So if you're interested in learning more about search engine marketing, you can go to any of these references that I've listed here and they can give you a little bit more detail about the topic and thank you for your time and I appreciate you listening to this vlog!

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