How I Applied to My Dream Job

Posted by Yang (Jenny) Zhang

Dec 20

I was a little dejected towards the end of my third semester in my MBA program at Wayne State because I was hoping to get an internship for the summer.  In May 2019, I thought to myself, what company would I love to work for?  Disney came to mind.  I did a quick LinkedIn search and found an old college classmate I could reach out to in my 1st connections that worked with a manager that was possibly on the Disney Data team I was applying for.

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How a CRM Can Help You Land a Job!

Posted by Hala Almansoop

Jun 22

Land Your Dream Job

For many college students, their ultimate goal is to land their dream job after graduation.  This can be quite a daunting task since landing any job after graduation depends on many factors such as a well-established resume, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, networking, and experience.  Internships play a large role in boosting a student’s chances of landing a job; however, many students struggle with landing that entry-level internship which will open several opportunities for them.  Many first and second year college students have successfully landed several entry level internship very early in their major, yet many third and fourth year students continue to struggle.  Many of those students feel discouraged because they either face rejections after applying or after an interview, feel unprepared during interviews, or feel as though they are not as competent for any entry level position since they do not have the skills or experience.  Technology, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, can help to alleviate this stress by efficiently improving their job and internship search.  This paper will define what a CRM is and discuss how the Mike Ilitch School of Business can implement a recruiting CRM software tool to better place students in internships. 

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Topic Categories: crm, internship

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