Alumni Profile - Sherrie Weitzman

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Apr 14

Alumni Profile

Sherrie Weitzman, National Advertising Manager, Cadillac

Tell us about your first real job out of college.  What was the position?  How did you get your start?

I actually received my undergraduate degree in education, so I was a substitute teacher for a year.  By the time I received my MBA from Wayne State University, I was gainfully employed at D’Arcy Masius Benton and Bowles – one of the leading international agencies at the time, with a big office in suburban Detroit, servicing the Pontiac and Cadillac accounts for General Motors.  I actually knew someone who knew someone who worked at DMB&B who got me an interview with the research group.  So, my first “real job” was a research analyst.  A good place to learn a lot and stay under the radar while learning.  But within a year, I rose up a floor, and up the ladder to Account Executive on the NBD (National Bank of Detroit) account.

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