Technology can be Frustrating, but the WSU Help Desk is Here To Help!

Posted by Jovan Gojcaj

Jan 11

Technical SupportAre you ready for one-stop shop, reliable C&IT Support?

The C&IT Help Desk is Wayne State's campus technology control center for all your tech support needs. As a WSU student, we frequently use a variety of Wayne State's IT systems, like email, Blackboard, or Academica. It can be very frustrating when encountering IT type issues when trying to finish an important project, quiz or exam. The C&IT Help Desk also specializes in assistance from connecting a phone to Wi-Fi to fixing a broken computer. The best part is this support in accessing and using Wayne State systems is always available free of charge to WSU students.

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Now, let me tell you about my personal experience with the C&IT Help Desk. While trying to complete a exam for ISM 7505, I encountered an issue on Blackboard that prevented me from completing my exam. I attempted to resolve the issue myself by restarting my browser and eventually restarting my computer. After several attempts, I decided to call the Help Desk. With a quick search on WSU's site, I was able to find the C&IT Home Page. I called the (313) 577-HELP hotline and within minutes the representative created a support ticket and ensured my issue would be handled appropriately. After the support ticket was created, I decided to contact Professor John Heinrichs to explain why I could not complete my exam and what steps I took to help resolve the issue. He was very pleased with my course of action and broadcasted the issue to the entire class. With his help, I decided to write about my experience and he recommended I read the basic E-S-QUAL scale research paper which details the four important dimensions of electronic service quality. Click here to learn more about this topic. 

Here are my reasons why C&IT succeed in providing great tech support:

  1. Efficiency -  I was very pleased with the ease and speed of accessing and submitting a ticket.
  2. Fulfillment -  The C&IT representative sent a status update link directly to my email which provided promises about resolution timing.
  3. System Availability -  All of the links within the C&IT were fully functional which gave me piece of mind that the correct technical support team will be there to resolve all of my needs.
  4. Privacy -  Since the C&IT support page is embedded within the WSU domain, I felt the site is safe and protects customer information.
Information Technology is a vital part of everyone's daily activity, and for some people it is at the core of working life whether in business or college. Almost everyone requires a technology solution in a world where even the average teenager incorporates technology in their daily lives. The C&IT Help Desk is there to help keep our daily routine moving without significant interruptions.

Again, here are the key features C&IT Help Desk offers a wide variety of services and products to meet all your technology needs.

  • Wayne State IT systems support: call, email, live chat, or drop by anytime for free assistance with Wayne Connect email, Blackboard, Academica, or any C&IT system
  • Get one-on-one support for your smart phone, tablet, or computer - including complimentary Wi-Fi setup
  • Offers a selection of free and discounted software for students, faculty, and staff

The C&IT Help Desk is available Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m via (313) 577-HELP phone, email, or Online Chat.

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