Posted by Christine Mellesmoen

Dec 20

This 6 minute vlog focuses on chatbots




  • Questions to Consider
    1. 1. What is a chatbot?
    2. 2. Why should your business create a chatbot?
    3. 3. How should you begin to create a chatbot?
    4. 4. What are the challenges of chatbots? 


  • Why Should Your Business Create a Bot?
    • Increased reach
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Assist customers
    • Cost effective / available 24/7


  • How Should you Begin to Create a Chatbot?
    • Consider current conversations with customers
    • Start small with a few bots
    • Design with actual human conversations
    • Keep it simple and easy to use


  • Challenges with Chatbots?
    • Potential to be misleading
    • Unable to deliver same conversations as humans
    • Data Privacy


  • Takeaways
    • Chatbots are conversational computer programs
    • Chatbots can increase customer satisfaction
    • Start small
    • Consider Data privacy
Chatbots 101
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