10 Quick Tips About Earning Email Certification

Posted by Amanda Renkiewicz

Aug 17

Working on EmailFirst of all, congratulations on deciding to take this certification!  The Hubspot email marketing certification is earned after taking nine online classes and passing an exam with a score of 75% or higher.  As explained on the Hubspot website, over two million emails are sent every second, but most emails are never even opened.  

The email marketing training course focuses on lifecycle marketing, segmentation, email design, deliverability, analytics and optimization which comes together to create an integrated email marketing strategy that enables you to grow your business and your career.

In order to get all that you can from this email certification course, here are 10 quick tips!  These 10 tips will serve to help you pass the email marketing course and to truly grasp the information being presented.

1. Know Your Role

  • Hubspot asks about the exam by questioning who should get certified? There are many people who fit this mold, and it’s essential to know what benefits you have. Marketers who want more out of every email sent, those who want to advance their career by earning a certification, entrepreneurs who hope to grow their audiences as well as nurture their leads and customers, and students looking for internships or looking to work in digital marketing are just some of the many qualified participants. All of these are fantastic opportunities for all stages of a marketer. Even a person who simply wants to learn more can gather vast information from the course and exam.
  • The benefits you reap from learning more about marketing can be applied to all businesses and all jobs! Email is used for everything, and knowing more about how to send emails more efficiently and effectively benefits literally all business people.

2. Use the Videos and Slides

  • Not only does Hubspot provide information in awesome and entertaining videos, they also provide slides that you can use to review the presented material. Print or view these slides during your course watching, and use them to more effectively understand and recall the material. Use the options that Hubspot provides to learn the material in the best way for you. Do you need more information? Try downloading the transcripts, or engaging with others in the discussion forum!

3. Take Notes

  • Using your pre-printed slides, scratch paper or whatever you prefer, take notes! What was memorable to you? What did the instructor stress as important? These are sections that will likely appear on the exam, and therefore are key items to focus on. Your notes will be helpful to review and to remember what parts really stuck out to you.

4. Discuss with Your Peers

  • Whether you’re taking this email certification for a class, or for work, have someone take it with you! Learning with friends or coworkers is a wonderful way to enjoy the courses. By watching the videos together, taking notes, and discussing, your own involvement will be far greater. Teamwork makes for effective study habits and heightened learning.
  • Having a study buddy is a perfect way to review and retain material. Designate this person as your study buddy, and the two of you can bounce ideas off of each other. You can make flashcards, use website study guides like Quizlet, or simply talk about what you found valuable after each individual course.

5. Apply to Your Marketing Life

  • What examples are used that remind you of your own job? Does anything ring a bell? If so, these are direct links to real business experiences! Many of the ideas expressed in the videos have been present in regular, day to day work situations. See what looks familiar to you!

6. Find Your Own Example

  • When have you experienced a similar business problem that is brought up in the email marketing exam course?  For me, it was about email send.  As noted in the email deliverability section, and the components of a high performing email, there are many tips and tools to reach a larger audience and have higher open and click through rates. I recalled how I once gathered a list of over five thousand nurses and nurse educators for a previous job. The list took well over three months to create, and we used it to send out a relevant survey, in the hopes that we would both get vital information and involvement for upcoming projects.  I sent it out the email with the survey link, and waited for the Google Survey responses to begin populating. After one week, I had gathered a pathetic and discouraging thirty-five responses.  I had no idea what I did wrong, but after taking the Hubspot email marketing course, I have found dozens of ways that I could have better utilized the material and gathered far more responses.Email Statistics


7. Remember Why You’re Taking the Certification

  • With a forty year history, email marketing is an exceptional way to have personalized, conversation focused discussions.  It is a common and low cost way to gather new customers as well as expand your brand image.  You’re learning invaluable information about successful email marketing campaigns, and you can use it for your business, for your personal life, and for fun!  

8. Use the Study Guide

  • Hubspot provides a study guide that should be used before taking the exam.  Rather than extracting specific information from the courses, the study guides asks the relevant questions that you ought to know the answers to.  Go through each question, and write down what you think.  You can use this during the exam, which is open notes.  The study guide can also be used to confirm your preparation.  Double check everything that you wrote, and add to your answers where more information should be listed.  

9. Don’t Panic!

  • Having taken the email marketing exam, I can vouch for the nerves that attack you the moment you press “Start Certification”.  The timer in the upper right hand corner seems very intimidating as you stare at the first question and your mouth goes dry.  But don’t panic!  First of all, this is a voluntary exam, and as such, doesn’t make or break your world.  Secondly, you have TWO more attempts, with a total of three attempts a month.  If you do fail, you can study, and retake it a mere 48 hours later.  If you fail, take a few days off.  Don’t worry or stress about it.
  • When retaking the exam, have your notes with you.  In the time you’ve had between exams, you’ve had the option and ability of reviewing what sections you did poorly in.  If you did well on everything but the email optimization and testing section for example, focus on that section.  Rewatch the video and review the slides.
  • It’s also essential to not overthink the questions.  Hubspot isn’t trying to trick you!  What you originally believe is correct, probably is.  Don’t review every question and start changing your answers.  Only review those questions that you truly had no idea about.
  • Also, don’t worry when you have no memory of a question.  You need a 75% to pass, not 100%.  There will be questions that are difficult and that you may not have time to figure them out.  That’s ok!
  • Use all of the time you have, if you want to.  You can go through the slides for sections that you feel less confident in.  Don’t rush, don’t panic, and don’t worry.  The Hubspot email marketing exam isn’t going away.  You have the luxury of time and multiple attempts.

10. Celebrate!

  • CelebrateWhen you’ve passed the Hubspot email marketing exam, celebrate! This is an amazing accomplishment. First, you’ll receive a personalized badge and certificate that you can display in your office. The badge can be added to your personal website, email signature, or LinkedIn profile. Be proud and show off to the world!

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