ISM 5705: Inbound Information Technology

What is this 'Inbound Information Technology' course all about?

ISM 5705: Inbound Information Technology, uses industry-recognized certifications, resources, exercises, and software to create a comprehensive approach to running and growing a business. This course provides a framework to prepare startups to enter the world of inbound information technology as educated and informed entrepreneurs.

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As a student, you are required to become a content manager / creator and share insights about the voluminous data coming into your organization. You will use social media tools to develop reach and engagement, analytical models to create insights, and inbound technologies to promote competitive operations. You will conduct research in the areas of keyword generation, process and workflow creation, landing pages, blogs, social monitoring, email campaigns, search engine optimization, intelligence gathering, and campaign development and tracking.

ISM 5705 is a course in the 'Inbound (IIT) Specialist ' specialization category. 

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