"You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them."

ISM Curriculum

The ISM major curriculum consists of various courses consisting of 2 courses in the foundation, 3 courses in the specialization and 1 course in the capstone.

The following table provides a map of the various course options available for ISM students.

ISM Major
  Introduction ISM 3630: Business Information Systems
2 courses
Foundation ISM 5992: Database Systems
ISM 5570: Data Mining
ISM 4575
: IT Security
ISM 5860: Data Communications & Networks
3 courses
Specialization Inbound (IIT) Specialist
ISM 5705: Inbound Information Technology
ISM 5994: Software Tools/Business Applications
ISM 5670: Apps/Social Media
ISM 5670: Study in Boston
ISM 5670: Digital Video Creation & Analytics
Enterprise Analyst
ISM 5820: Systems Analysis & Design
ISM 5900: Project Management
ISM 5200: ERP Systems: Concepts and Practices 
ISM 5560: Survey of E-commerce

1 course
Capstone ISM 6997: Information Systems Policy & Management
  Supplemental ISM 4900: Directed Study in Information Systems Management
ISM 5890: Internship in Information Systems Management

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