Explore the content manager career opportunities.

What they do

What exactly do Content Managers do? 

content-is-king-1132261_640.jpg"Content managers work with creative personnel and freelancers to establish and maintain creative materials used by a website, a marketing campaign, media aggregator, or similar entity that offers content.  Their work includes editing for appropriateness of tone, style, and subject matter.  Because many content managers work for web media sites, they usually review not only written suggestions, but also video and sound content (such as podcasts).  They may even be used for input on the layout and graphic presentation of the site itself."

"A content manager may have a creative staff providing content in written, video, or audio form, but they are likely to also use freelance submissions.  The content manager works with his or her creative team to set schedules and deadlines, as well as planning themes and updates for long-term projects and situations.  They help to establish standards surrounding conflict, and then make sure the creative work fits this style." 

"The content manager may work with editors in a variety of departments that contribute content; it is up to the content manager to keep those departments on deadline.  In smaller organizations, the content manager may create most or all of the content; in these cases, the manager should expect to do their own writing and copy editing for written material."

"The education requirements for content managers vary by the entity requiring this position.  For web content management, an organization likely values practical experience over formal education requirements.  In all cases, a web-based content provider will likely prefer a content manager with some HTML programming and layout experience.   The content manager must understand basic computer software as well."

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What tasks they perform

  • Update content in accordance with emerging targets, usability goals, and performance metrics.
  • Edit and apply style rules to content, and ensure compliance with disclosure policies and other rules.
  • Create and oversee content, including marketing and communications deliverables.
  • Guide subject matter experts in writing and presenting materials.
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What their career path could be

Explore the following chart to view the various career paths for content managers.

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How much they earn

"The following chart lists the yearly wage chart for content managers."


Content Manager (United States)
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