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What they do

What exactly do Paid Search Specialists do? 

Digital Marketing.jpg"Paid search specialists are responsible for administering and helping to manage pay-per-click media strategies for their clients and/or organizations.  They must understand goals and how to contribute to the success of a range of promotional events and campaigns.  Internet research skills are essential in this position."

"Paid search analysts must have analytical skills and pay close attention to detail when analyzing and reporting data, and they must also understand online marketing and be able to use particular software tools and applications to analyze data.   Paid search analysts must also perform keyword research, price analyses, and account diagnostic checks, and should be able to develop marketing strategies, analyze competitors, and make recommendations based on their analyses."

"A degree in business and relevant prior experience are generally required for this position, and strong written and verbal communication skills are also important.  Paid search specialists must be able to work independently with minimal or no supervision as well as in a team environment, and some may read relevant professional journals or attend ongoing education classes." 

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What tasks they perform

  • Develop, launch, and analyze campaigns.
  • Track, report, and analyze paid search campaign performance and translate results into business recommendations.
  • Manage paid search marketing campaigns including keyword sourcing, benchmarking, and optimization.

What is PPC? An Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing

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What their career path could be

Explore the following chart to view the various career paths for search engine optimization (SEO) specialists / managers.

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How much they earn

Paid Search Analyst (United States)
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