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There are a variety of resources to help you gain employment in the area of Information Systems you are interested.  

Available Resources

Career Opportunities

According to U.S. News and World Report, "there seems to be no end to organizations' appetite for advanced or improved data communications technology.  And e-commerce continues to increase the need for systems analysts." ISM Career Opportunity


1. Jada A. Graves, The 10 Best Jobs, U.S. News and World Report


Students should consider using the Career Planning and Placement (CPP) services to create/enhance their resumes.  Visit the Resume and Interview Preparation page. 

What are your Skills? Enhance your resume


Information about Ilitch School of Business scholarships can be found at Financial Aid / Scholarships.


Student Organizations

The Association for Information Systems Student Chapter (ITO) is the premier business organization for all Wayne State University Ilitch School of Business students. We welcome all WSU students, undeclared major students, and those who have some interest in Information Systems. Take a moment to learn more about the Information Technology Organization (ITO)