Explore the information security analyst career opportunities.

What they do

What exactly do Information Security Analysts?  Take a moment and read our blog post on " How to create an IT security training program".  

cyber-security-1784985.png "Information security analysts are responsible for providing security solutions for their companies.  Their main duties include doing research, collecting data, developing secure strategies and maximizing productivity.  They also are in charge of implementing security principles while following strict privacy policies.  Information security analysts have advanced skills when it comes to finding security threats and other vulnerabilities.  They conduct assessments of enterprise environments and frequently monitor logs and computer traffic.

"Information security analysts coordinate update initiatives for existing technologies in their companies to minimize downtime and avoid security contingencies.  They document security breaches and proceed according to company rules.  They must know how to effectively operate company infrastructure such as routers, firewalls, and other hardware devices.  They work in an office setting with other technology professionals to accomplish company goals. "  

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What tasks they perform

  • Document, prioritize, and analyze security threats, incidents, and key metrics.
  • Review daily and periodic data to identify, report, and remedy vulnerabilities.
  • Configure and analyze security tools and software.
  • Coordinate with IT and end users to minimize disruptions and protect assets.


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What their career path could be

Explore the following chart to view the various career paths for information security analyst.


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How much they earn

The following chart lists the yearly wage chart for information security analysts.


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  1. Information about the information security analyst position can be found at ... http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Information_Security_Analyst/Salary
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