Explore the search engine optimization (SEO) specialist career opportunities.

What they do

What exactly do SEO Specialists do?  Take a moment and read our blog post on " What is SEO: A Guide for Beginners".  

SEO from shutterstock number 120183286"Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists help develop and/or implement an SEO strategy for their organization.  They ensure their company appears early in the search results for relevant keywords within a wide variety of search engines.  This may happen, for example, through the use of important keywords throughout their company's website, including paragraphs that the viewer reads and the "meta tags" within the website's "head tags".  Cross-linking between a website's pages is another SEO strategy. " 

"SEO specialists may focus on one or more types of searches, such as image, video, academic and local searches.  These specialists must continuously stay up to date on new and improved methods of improving their company's online visibility, integrating improvements into their company's strategy as needed.  They also need to collaborate with other professionals within their company related to the design and content of their company's website to ensure SEO strategies are used effectively."

"A bachelor's degree may be required or preferred for SEO specialist positions, and relevant SEO experience is generally needed as well.  SEO specialists must fully understand coding languages such as HTML and CSS, as well as best practices across search engines.  An understanding of Google Analytics and the Google Webmaster Tools may be needed as well."  

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What tasks they perform

SEO specialists perform a variety of tasks. These tasks include:

  • Conducting competitive analysis and content optimization.
  • Writing web content.
  • Designing online campaigns.
  • Implementing SEO strategies with established target goals.
  • Analyzing the success of SEO campaigns and communicating the results to stakeholders.

The following video by Tony Guo provides his view and comments about the SEO specialist position.

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What their career path could be

Explore the following chart to view the various career paths for search engine optimization (SEO) specialists / managers.

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How much they earn

The following chart lists the yearly wages for search engine optimization (SEO) specialists / managers.

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