Explore the digital media specialist career opportunities.

What they do

What exactly do Digital Media Specialists do? 

"Digital media specialists are responsible for creating and managing digital-related projects for their organization. They are in charge of organizing digital resources for media campaigns and presenting their progress and initiatives. They generate digital media that increases brand loyalty and collaborate with other professionals; they must be an excellent team player, but also work well independently. Additionally, digital media specialists must be problem solvers that are able to multitask effectively. They also manage functionality of interactive flash files, making sure they work as intended. They maintain web-related media and update existing resources as needed. Some of their major responsibilities include creating online ads, seasonal content, newsletters, and calendars. They also have a strong knowledge of advanced graphic design techniques and be able to produce media files that help advertise their company and increase sales. They must stay on top of current design trends as well.

Most of the time, digital media specialists work on a personal computer to manipulate digital images, video, and sound. Digital media specialists work in an office environment, and their main tools include a computer with Internet access and industry-standard design software. This position generally requires a bachelor's degree. Previous experience in a comparable position, which may include other freelance projects, may be preferred."

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What tasks they perform

  • Develop and implement online marketing policies and projects.
  • Capture and track public sentiment and interests around the industry or product.
  • Improve search engine optimization and general discovery of content by target groups.
  • Analyze and report on web traffic, analytics, and engagement.
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What their career path could be

Explore the following chart to view the various career paths for content managers.

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How much they earn

"The following chart lists the yearly wage chart for content managers."


Digital Media Specialist (United States)
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